Whatever your project looks like - interior or exterior  walls, digged in basement walls, cellars, walls, fence walls .... - - The traditional masonry, whether concrete or brick, offers unlimited solutions.

Take advantage of more than 30 years of professional experience entrusting your project to Cardoso Construction. We support you from the choice of materials that bend to fit your desires and requirements of the architect until completion of your home, implementing the most appropriate techniques.

Cinder blocks

The cinder block or concrete block is the least expensive and most durable solution to the implementation of your project. As one of the most used and most versatile building materials, concrete is made ​​from abundant natural materials. Concrete is not only economical, but also the ideal compromise between energy efficiency, comfort and durability.

Traditional brick

After being found slowing on the construction market, shunned in favor of concrete blocks, the traditional brick was suffering from an image of poor material, but it recently found acclaim, thanks to new innovations.

Bioclimatic brick

The bricks with small vertical cells (MONOMUR) for example, may allow if the wall thickness is sufficient, to dispense with all additional insulation in temperate Europe.

Occupants of the house will benefit from the thermal inertia of this building material (in summer, the interiors remain cool -  in winter they store heat) and the qualities of clay (moisture control, absence of fibers or chemicals).

And contrary to popular belief that a brick is fragile, some bricks are suitable for modern construction standards as to build earthquake-safe. The variety of forms and sizes allow to build a house entirely of bricks once the foundations are poured:

walls, floors, lintels, chimneys, walls (fire, cutting noise) etc..


Maçonnerie en briques bioclimatiques de terre cuite naturelle pour de nouvelles performances thermiques



The COMFORT wall

MONOMUR is an innovative material with unprecedented performance:

  • Insulation by itself thanks to its cellular structure, it effectively precludes the leakage of calories.
  • Real natural air conditioner, it maintains a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year: keeps a cozy heat in winter preserves the freshness in summer, and insures mild nights in the mid-seasons.
  • acoustic comfort guaranteed


The durability of the building material represents the durability of the building itself: a house built with MONOMUR is, with all confidence, built for eternity.

  • The MONOMUR demonstrates exceptional resistance to crushing and gripping.
  • Insensitive to freezing and rodents, its inherent characteristics are permanently preserved. Even in case of an earthquake, a fire or a water damage, Monomur is a security guarantee

The HEALTH wall

The Terracotta MONOMUR guarantees the well being of the whole family:

  • It is a moisture barrier: it holds 5 times less water than other materials.
  • With the absence of thermal bridges, the interior remains healthy: no cold spots on walls or condensation.
  • It is a clean material: without pollutants and allergen, it presents no risk to humans or the environment.
  • With the absence of moisture in the walls, it prevents the proliferation of unwanted guests (fungi, mites ...).

The ECONOMY wall

With  MONOMUR you will achieve sustainable savings.

  • The heating bill is under control: with MONOMUR heating requirements are regular and smooth, and thanks to the thermal inertia you  won't have any energy costs for mid-seasons.
  • The MONOMUR does not deteriorate and requires no maintenance.
  • The MONOMUR is a competitive material, accessible to all.
Whether in terms of forms or formats, with our product range MONOMUR you have an outstanding choice. This commitment to innovation that relies on the expertise of our teams and the diversity of the exploited clays guarantees a consistent quality. Ultimately, choosing to build your house with  MONOMUR, lets you benefit from an exceptional know-how which will give to  your home "all the values ​​of the earth. "