We offer the following roofing work:


Review and cleanup



Replacement of structural elements

The structure of a roof forms the backbone of the attic. There are several types and the subject can quickly become complex.

There is a distinction between traditional and timber-trusses. Traditional trusses are fixed constructions, where all parts, like purlins and rafters, support the ridge pole. Their main purpose is to provide a usable volume in the middle of the roof, which allows, if desired, the development of the attic.

Designed to withstand the weight of roof tiles, winds and snow, the roof is  a well studied structure, based on precise calculations as to withstand time. Therefore, you should be aware that each element has an important function in the structure. Removing or moving one element endangers the whole structure and thus the entire house.

So entrust your project to replace structures always to a specialized company. - Cardoso Construction is on your side - from planning your project until its completion.

Roofing with Mediterranean 'S' clay tiles

Roofing with the Mediterranean 'S' clay tile type DCL Vieux Pays, we extend the traditional tile-works of our regions. Its texture, its irregularities, its colors give each tile a character apart. On a roof, the DCL Vieux Pays combines elegance with authenticity as buildings or restorations combine balance and aesthetics.

Roofing with Mission Pan & Cover Tiles

The Mission Pan & Cover Tile offer a wide choice of shapes for the renovation, but they can also be used in new construction.

The 'regionals' are the most common traditional tiles laid in the south - from the Vendee to Nice. Each region has its own tile model: "Catalane" (laid with lime), "Languedocienne", "Gironde" Vendée are signing by their size and their specific contour, the roofs of southern France.

Feel free to contact us to choose the model that best fits your project.

Development of the attic

The expansion of the attic is often a convenient solution - to gain space and additional storage space ......
But beware, adjust its roof is not a decision taken lightly! - Almost anything is possible, , but the work involved and the steps to be taken, depending on the size, structure and layout of your attic, are not always the same.
To help you see clearer, Cardoso Construction  shows you the different steps that await you.

Make a diagnosis of your attic!

First of all you need to check if your attic is usable!
- Measure the ceiling height, this one must be at least 1, 80m.
- If you do not have enough height under the roof, do not despair, there are still three options remaining:


Change your roof

You can change your roof

Enhance the perimeter walls

You can enhance the perimeter walls, under the condition that the structural framework is formed of rafters resting on simple breakdowns between two walls.

Lower the attic floor

You can lower the attic floor, if the ceiling to the floor below is high enough.
In all cases, the work should be performed by a specialized company - Cardoso Construction is at your disposal for all your projects.